Valley Food Storage Snacks Review

I don’t know if you’ve ever tried those freeze dried snacks or meals from your local department stores, but let me tell you.. some are just plain nasty.  Knowing this, I was excited when Valley Food Storage contacted me and asked if they could send a few samples my way to review on this website.

Valley Food Storage specializes in long term food storage, emergency food kits, water storage and filtration as well as power and lighting supplies making them a great choice for the prepper, survivalist or outdoorsman.

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This was the first time I tried any products from Valley Food Storage and was quite confident after looking over their website and reading  some online reviews.

Here’s what they claim on their website:

“We eliminate all the unhealthy preservatives, hydrogenated oils, MSG’s and many other ingredients that limit the nutritional value, shelf life, and taste. What you are left with is simply the highest quality long term food storage you can find.”

Valley Food Storage Free Samples

A few days after they contacted me, I received a box in the mail with 3 packages:

  • Freeze Dried Coconut Milk Bites
  • Freeze Dried Vanilla Greek Yogurt
  • Peanut Powder

I absolutely love peanut butter and already have a 1 lb jar of peanut powder I bought at Sam’s Club a few months ago which is pretty good and I was anxious to compare.


Freeze Dried Coconut Milk Bites

I am not a huge fan of coconut (although I love the smell) but I was very surprised with the taste of these. In fact, I can’t keep them away from kids now.  My 12 year old daughter said “they taste like joy in my mouth“.

The coconut flavor is not overwhelming and is also sweet making it the perfect snack either indoors or bundled up away in a tent.  Included inside is a oxygen absorber to keep them fresh.

As for the expiration date.. I couldn’t find one on the bag.



  • Coconut Milk
  • Maltodextrin
  • Sugar
  • Tapioca
  • Natural Flavor


Freeze Dried Vanilla Greek Yogurt

Vanilla is one of my favorite flavors.. yogurt, not so much but I had to give these a try.

The first thing I thought about when eating these was the little marshmallows you get from cereal that very sweet and similar texture.  After a few chews you get that tartness brought about by the yogurt which really isn’t that bad.

My wife who does like yogurt was very surprised at how well they tasted since she’s not huge on “survival” or long term foods.

As for the expiration date.. once again I could not find one, just a lot#


  • Sugar
  • Greek Style Yogurt (Cream Yogurt, Tapioca)
  • Contains: Milk


Peanut Powder

One of my favorite foods!  I love peanut butter even by the spoonfuls or with apples, sandwiches, crackers..etc.  And since I’ve ate peanut butter from peanut powder on several other occasions, it’s going to be much easier for me to review.

As for ingredients, there’s really not much to say.. it’s just peanuts.  Therefore, don’t expect the same taste as you would with a jar of Peter Pan or Jiffy peanut butter that’s loaded with sugar and other junk.  In fact, one reason I eat a lot of peanut butter from powder is because there’s about 70% less calories!

The mix is easy to do, just add 2 TBSP of water with 2 TBSP on peanut powder and mix up.  You can add a little sugar or salt if you want to please your taste but sometimes I prefer the health benefits of the all natural, sugar free peanut powder.

As for taste.. well it tastes as you would expect, peanuts that are crushed and mixed with water into a butter 🙂


Ultimately, I was very surprised by the taste of the coconut milk bites.  I’m not crazy about yogurt but could definitely eat the Vanilla Greek Yogurt bites as a snack.  The peanut powder was easy to make, mix and eat with my favorite Gala apples.

If on a camping trip, in home or a bunker surviving the last days, finding a bag of one of these would definitely make my day and I would recommend them to anyone as a healthy and natural snack.

Want to know more about Valley Food Storage?  Visit their website at:

As with all things on this website, I give my honest thoughts and facts on all my reviews and posts regardless if products were purchased by me or given as a sample for free.