Swedish FireSteel Army Review

Swedish FireSteel Army ReviewOne thing I learned early is that you need multiple ways to start a fire, don’t just rely on your bic lighter or a box of matches.  One method is the use of the Swedish FireSteel Army fire starter

After I ordered mine here on Amazon (due to cheapest price) I was teaching my kids to use it within a matter of minutes.

It’s a long term item that I know would continue to work years down the road without the worries of it getting wet or eroding.  My 9 year old daughter was catching cotton balls on fire in about 20 minutes of practicing.  My son who is 12 was able to start right away.  It works by sliding the top edge of the striker down the firesteel.  This is done with a medium pressure and medium to fast stroke. 

I’ll make a video and post here soon showing how it works.

Several things make the Swedish FireSteel Army fire starter an incredible choice.  Let me mention a few of them here.

  • Works in any weather
  • Can strike up to 12,000 times
  • Creates very hot sparks to start fires easy
  • Small and lightweight

Make sure you get the one that can be used up to 12,000 times as their are other versions of this firesteel that only do about 3,000 strikes and is not that much cheaper.

With the Swedish Army FireSteel, you will have to have finer material to ignite unlike with the magnesium fire starter.  This is because the firesteel shoots off sparks at the target whereas with the magnesium fire starter, the magnesium actually lands on the target and burns shortly. 

For beginners, I recommend trying to start your fires with shredded toilet paper or cotton balls as they are cheap and usually easiest to start.  You can even coat the cotton balls all over with Vaseline (takes practice) which will keep them dry and when you’re ready to use them just tear the cotton ball a bit so the middle dry area is exposed.  The Vaseline will also help the cotton ball to burn much longer.  You can also try using shredded toilet paper, dry grass and finely shredded wood chips such as saw dust. 

Overall, I highly recommend the Swedish FireSteel.  It’s inexpensive for the amount of strikes you get and can easily be carried and used for years to come.  Get it here on Amazon.