Shopping For Emergency Survival Supplies

Today, my wife and I are leaving for a weekend get-a-way a couple hours away.  The place we are visiting is a rather large shopping area and they have stores that we don’t have around where we live.  One store in particular I like to shop at is called Flower Factory.  It’s the size of a large Walmart and they carry many products that can be of great use during an emergency.  Most of their products are discounted and consist of arts, crafts, artificial flowers and baskets, but they also carry many other products I could use for emergency survival supplies if a person were to be creative.

Here are a few things I will be looking for.

  • Tightly sealed plastic and metal containers – For storage of course
  • First aid products
  • Tools – Flashlights, gloves, tarp, scissors.. etc.
  • Ponchos
  • Cotton Balls – Easy for starting fires and first aid
  • Vaseline – Many uses
  • Types of different rope
  • Candles
  • Solar related products
  • Magnifier sheet

These are just a few items I am looking for today.  When I return, I will update this post and let you know what I bought and why I bought it.  It’s good to be creative and think out of the box when shopping.  Try to imagine what it would be like in an emergency survival situation where most products were gone from stores.. what would you buy and how would you use them?