Free 5 Gallon Buckets With Lids

I’m excited to tell you my experience in getting free 5 gallon buckets with lids.  I wanted to use these buckets to store food in case of emergencies as well as use some for medical supplies so they had to be food grade 5 gallon buckets.  After searching online, I found that these can cost […]

The Ultimate Bug Out Bag

When it comes to being prepared for disaster, you have to really plan for anything.  Our modern world has come to assume that governmental aid will come to our rescue if something goes wrong.  We have been led to believe that in an emergency someone will come to help us.  It has been proven that […]

Best Food For Survival

One of the greatest concerns people have during an emergency situation is how to get the best food for survival.  In this post, I’m going to talk about one particular way you can prepare now to have continuous healthy food to eat during an emergency. Because there are so many different reasons an emergency may […]

Shopping For Emergency Survival Supplies

Today, my wife and I are leaving for a weekend get-a-way a couple hours away.  The place we are visiting is a rather large shopping area and they have stores that we don’t have around where we live.  One store in particular I like to shop at is called Flower Factory.  It’s the size of […]

How To Begin Prepping For a Disaster

I visit a lot of the online news websites.. probably more than I should.  As a result of seeing and hearing about so many events going on across the world from wars and natural disasters, I thought it was time I jump on board with all those people whom I had previously thought were crazy, […]