Best Mylar Emergency Blanket Review

mylar emergency blanketsIt is very important to note that there is a BIG difference in the brands and quality of mylar emergency blankets.  If you go to your local department store that has some camping gear, you can almost be certain that they carry a generic brand of a mylar blanket that can tear very easy.  

I went to several sporting goods shops that have a huge selection of survival and outdoor gear and was surprised to see that they all had cheap brands of this emergency blanket.  I then took to the one place I knew would carry them which is my favorite place to shop.. Amazon.  🙂

After researching for some time, I found some of decent quality that’s also very affordable and has great reviews.. you can see them here.  You must understand that if you have never used a Mylar blanket, then you have to be careful even with the better brands as they are very thin and can tear.

These come in pack of 10 and at the moment costs less than $7 which is a great deal!  

I also highly recommend that you research how to properly use them.  Many people will say that they don’t work and the reason is because they don’t know how to use them properly.  You can many videos on YouTube that explain how and why they work.